Saturday, March 24, 2012

The little mermaid


  1. b type mermaid is scary and over possesive. no prince would want to be with b unless he wants to suffocate..XD

  2. Kesese, I'm type B, but I would most likely be like type O in this case..

  3. Lol lol lol niceee

  4. Actually,
    i think the meaning of this post isn't literally like this.

    The meaning is, both A and B tend to be practical. Type 0 tend to be realistic. And type AB, the dreamer, tend to be idealist.
    it's affect their leadership style.

    A type, sometimes sacrifice theirself/others when leading.
    B type, sometimes justify any means to reach a goal.
    0 type, won't sacrifice theirself when leading. But sometimes, they go with the flow.
    AB type, have so many dreams, have so many ideals. But sometimes lazy to put them into action.