Friday, March 16, 2012

Flattery - Boarding a plane


  1. Not true. Me & my sister is Type B, and we HATE flattery.

  2. agree..., i hate flattery either

  3. Flattery don't work too well for most of blood type Bs. In fact, we feel strange and suspecious about it as in "what did I do to deserve such compliment" we're very intellectual people. We think a lot more than the As, Os and AB. It's like every scene they make blood type Bs as arrogant, cool asshole type of person or the Macho type. Yes there are few of that but it's not constant.

  4. This post is wrong, B doesnt like compliment they dont care bout what people say bout them,Os love compliment usually

  5. I'm B and what happened when i'm flattered?

    Random guy: "you're so genius, so creative! that's cool! awesome!"
    Me: "Cool? Awesome? What did i do? That's nothing" --> with pokerface

    i tend to be embarassed and blushes awkwardly when someone is flattering me.

    But after a while

    *in my mind* "Hahaha? Am i really like that? Hehehehehe.."