Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The comics will be continued.

Hello everyone,

Recently I took a long trip seeing the world. After coming back, I see some strict comments about my posts.

Yes, I'm not the author, the author is a Korean, and I just translated the comics of him into English. I did this because I love this comic series so much and want to share with you guys. This comic is very famous in my country too, however in English, it's very limit.

So, all the thing that I did is just for fun, it's like you're sharing some interesting things on Facebook. I didn't get permission from author, however I will put it down whenever he ask me to do that. I'm not stealing, if you've read other comic books before, you'll see what I mean.

Finally, I will continue to translate and post new comics to you guys, if you would like to see the Korean version first, please visit this blog: