Thursday, June 6, 2013

The tables of bloodtypes


  1. Omg lol awesome comic! I can totally relate to ab and o.Its so hard to be organized all the time. Keep up the good work!^^

  2. maybe this is why i rarely keep notes, i prefer keep them in my mind. haha. anyway, my desk is actually super messy like type O's.

    1. or simple and tidy like ab, but unorganized inside.. ahaha. depends on my mood ._.

  3. I'm a B, but I often found that I act like AB-_- nevermind

  4. i'm O type, and my table is messier than that xD

  5. I'm A but i'm not like that :p they always said i'm like B/O/AB but not A.

  6. I'm O type but follow A type organization. My uncle AB was much more messy than usual with extra plastic boxes another corner.

  7. That moment when your A type but you act like B when your having fun and act like AB when your trying to show off

  8. Im ab and it's true

  9. Mine is AB, and I do the same thing RIGHT NOW in my room ahahahahaha like clean my room and get tidy but also have boxes contain junk, but I still can find what I wanna find in that boxes

  10. I'm actually o positive and the post is saying quite right.
    parking at luton airport

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  12. i'm a korean and i really ashame about this global insane patient psycho freak

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    님같은 위험환자는 정신병동에 입원하셔서 치료를 받으셔야됩니다
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  13. guys
    this webtoon writer (Dong-Sun Park) is not just only joking or kidding through his cartoons

    he is one of typical south korean who make yuk and distgust prejuidice.. yeah he is one of the power man in south korea who is making ugly south korea...

    if you see the cartoons with more hard clear eyes,
    you'll can find

    "how he neglect blood type A people"

    he is not just only kidding or enjoying with blood type fun

    he is really tricky attacking blood type A people

    that mind hidden his comics

    he said
    he believe in blood type personality - when human born, their personality naturally decided by blood type

    he hate blood type A
    and i don't know what made him so

    i just think he is a real insane pain looser

    he is very danger, harmful to other people

    i think he must hospitalize in a mental hospital.

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    in korea
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    so many blood type A people claimed to him

    "this is a really bad thing.. your cartoon is very harmful for our life. we claim stop your cartoons"

    but he didn't listen to their opinions not so well
    he said it is just a joking so please don't blame

    rather he draw those people like that smack with a large hammer

    but every knows he does not just a joking or kidding...

    he sold this cartoon to japan

    made as animation but not success...

    now he trying again this cartoons publish over the world

    his truely plan is "destroy his hate blood type A people's all thing"

    he think blood type A personality has ugly and weak image
    so he draw them as ugly in the cartoons

    i don't know the korean words how much exactly rightly translated as other languages

    but if you know korean language
    and you read the korean versions,
    you will understand what i mean...

    yeah in korea
    he almost succeed make blood type A people's image and knowing as weak fools

    those effects applied to their life
    so many people attack blood type A

    they won those attacks
    but they're feeling so hard...

    he tried those trash to children

    he published the cartoons on child book

    i really care about blood type A child maybe will attacked by others...

    i really hope their precious childhood age is never spoiled by that ill mental looser...

    next he tried over the world...

    he testly upload his cartoons on his blog and seeing how world people's thingking is...

    if he get many good opinions
    then he will his cartoons publish over the world

    the world kids will maybe greet another prejudice ehen they start living their life...

    what a terribly
    the world people spoiled like ugly korean prejudice...

    he is not a just only webtooner for fun
    he trying to some spiritual terror..

    his blood type is O

    and a korean community find his star sign is "gemini"

    i think the blood type personality theory can't ignore perfectly,
    but that is just only one part of the human

    that is 10% to someone
    that is 35% to someone
    that is 100% to someone

    i hope all of we get off so many prejudices

    i am a also south korean
    but maybe unseen type - not white people worshiper, hate racism, see no whatever a country is rich advanced or not...

    i'm really sorry for my poor english
    but i believe everyyou knows what i mean not so difficulty...

  14. shut the f up please you negative headache