Sunday, April 8, 2012

Interrelationship of different blood types


  1. Hahaha.. Its true~ My Sis and my mum are B and they take great care of me (AB), my bro keep nagging at my sis, and my dad (A) said that both of my sis & bro are the same. I'm the one who keep telling my dad to slow down. ^0^

  2. I'm B and my bro is O, but he never nagging at me, maybe bcos he's afraid of me, he he he..

  3. This is true! I'm type B and my little bro is O, he kept nagging at me, more than my own mother XD

  4. I am B and I never like that to my best friend (A). I tend to very take care of her instead.. haha xp

  5. haha that's true.

    I'm B type (female), and i've always found myself get along so well with any AB type (either male or female). My brother is also B, and he is an introvert person. The closest friend of him is also an AB type. Lol.

    That's also true with O. My bestfriend is an O and she likes to preach at me. My father is also O, but he rarely preach at me, unlike my Mom (B).

    And with A, that's wrong, actually. I'm a trustful existence for A types. I respect A so much, as much as i like their personality!

    Haha ^^